Did you miss our webinar CPQ?

We explained all about making complex quoting and contracting simple with Salesforce CPQ.

Did you miss it? Don’t worry!

We’ve got you covered. For everyone that missed our webinar but wants to learn all about how to make your quoting and contracting process simple, we’ve got you. We provide the recording of the demo we gave and the slides to accompany them.

So are you in sales, product management, pricing, or an IT specialist supporting these teams in their complex quoting process? Our webinar CPQ is just for you!

What we explained in the webinar.

  • How to reduce time to quote & sales cycle length
  • How to improve pricing compliance
  • How to improve quote & contract accuracy
  • How to increase contract renewal rates

So are any of these challenges on your mind?

  • You are shifting towards a subscription based model and your systems do not support it.
  • You offer product bundles, but finding and combining the right products in a bundle is still very much a manual and an error-prone exercise.
  • You are providing inaccurate and incompliant quotes to customers.
  • You are losing business because your quoting process has become too complex and time-consuming, leading the customer elsewhere.
  • You lost your 360° customer view as your teams are working with multiple platforms for quotes, contracts etc.
  • You are opening the door to customer churn as you are often unaware of upcoming contract renewals.

Then watch the webinar now! We’ll gladly provide you with it.

We’re sorry you missed it.

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