We improve your business with Salesforce.

  • Official Salesforce partner in the Netherlands with 15+ years of experience
  • Salesforce consultancy, implementation, integration, development, marketing and support
  • Salesforce is the world’s leading customer success platform
  • Marketing, Sales, Service and much more, all on a single platform
  • Fully cloud based, mobile and social
  • The highest user adoption rates in the industry

Our solutions are focused on 4 customer processes.



Automate communication to acquire, cross / upsell and retain customers



Support customers in defining and solving their pains & needs with your products or services



Deliver personalized, high quality and fast customer service


Partner management

Support how partners do business and provide predictability in process

Brite Building Blocks.


Salesforce best practices

Building Blocks combine our 15+ years of process expertise with what works in Salesforce. From simple and pragmatic to more elaborate next level solutions, there is plenty of experience to benefit from.


Tailor to your needs

Building blocks are a great starting point, but can still be tailored to your specific needs. Use what has worked before where possible, make your solution unique where required.


A clear roadmap

Building blocks are a great way to build a roadmap and showcase to your organization how the solution will evolve and what challenges will be addressed over time.

How we help you improve.

Marketing (automation)

We love using marketing automation technology to make you stand out from the crowd. Campaigns, emails, landing pages, social media, data and analytics, we master the technology that will get you your online marketing results!

Salesforce Consultancy

You will work alongside seasoned professionals so you do not have to reinvent the wheel. We have over fifteen years of experience in CRM roadmaps, architectures, processes, change management and training. We make sure your investment in Salesforce pays off!

Salesforce Implementation

We love Salesforce technology supporting your users and processes in creating value for your customers and partners. We make sure we design smart solutions in Salesforce, leveraging all its configuration capabilities to deliver you a Salesforce solution that works.

Integration with Salesforce

Making your Salesforce solution an integrated part of your application landscape has great advantages. API’s, data and process integration hold no secrets for us. Setting up an integration layer to connect multiple systems or building that one interface, we have got you covered!

Salesforce Development

Sometimes point & click configuration no longer does the job. The Salesforce platform provides tremendous opportunity to add functionality through back-end and front-end development. If it provides the right amount of value, we will build it!


We are not just about one-off projects but we live and breathe continuous improvement. Even after go-live our customer success team provides continuous and proactive support. They keep your Salesforce solution running smoothly and add functionality when you need it!

Have a challenge for us?

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