Our solution for Quion in Salesforce.

Quion is one of the largest service providers for managing mortgages and consumer credit in the Netherlands. Their clientele includes renowned national and international financial organizations, with a diverse signature. For these organizations, Quion is the partner that helps them to serve their customers successfully in a changing world.

Results for Quion

  • Better insight into the data on customer conversations, such as conversation topics and conversation times. This information enables continuous process improvements to be realized, both at the CCC and in other operational mortgage processes.
  • A higher employee satisfaction, because of the ease in which customer information and knowledge is now available to employees.
  • Customer satisfaction, measured as Net Promoter Score (NPS), is strong and continuously improving. With this, Quion has broken records again, despite the greatly increased work load.
  • A higher ‘first time right’ (FTR) of the number of conversations in which the consumer received the correct answer in one go.
  • The introduction of the Salesforce platform, including the professional approach and image, together with the above results, has led to an increase in satisfaction among Quion’s customers (the lenders).

Challenge for Quion.

Quion has set a goal of broadening and deepening their customer portfolio with excellent service. The existing processes and systems were too limited for this, leading Quion to look for opportunities elsewhere in order to improve and expand customer contact. Ultimately, Quion chose to focus on improvements for the Customer Contact Center and introducing new services.

Facilities in the Customer Contact Center

The Customer Contact Center (CCC) is the preeminent organizational unit that can fulfil Quion’s excellent service goals. The CCC’s mission is to ensure happy customers. In order to make this mission work, the employees need the proper facilities.

In the old situation, the CCC employee was continuously faced with the challenge of adding value to the conversation with the customers: the relevant customer information had to be retrieved from various systems during the conversation. This was not efficient and usually had its impact on the quality of the conversation.

Also, the administration of contact with customers was not user-friendly and reports on the conversations could not easily be generated. A lack of insight made it difficult to identify and implement improvements.

New services

The Dutch Authority for Financial Markets expects every mortgage provider to approach its customers with an interest-only mortgage to inform them of the affordability of their mortgage. Quion wanted to set up a campaign for this, but it soon became apparent that this would be a long and complicated process with the existing systems and work processes.

Choosing Salesforce and Brite.

For this reason Quion has opted for Salesforce to support its customer processes. To aid with implementation, Quion has selected Brite. Salesforce is a leading and future-proof, cloud based solution with a focus on enabling excellent service. For this reason Quion has opted for Salesforce to support its customer processes. To aid with implementation, Quion has selected Brite. Quion heeft BRITE gevraagd om te helpen bij de implementatie.


For the CCC, Brite has created a Service Cloud Console solution that gives the employee an immediate insight into the contract situation of every customer who calls. This information is not stored in Salesforce, but is retrieved real-time from various source systems. The retrieved information is displayed in a clear and concise manner.

In addition, the employee can easily document the conversation. Quion can perform relevant analyses on customer conversations, based on the data that is retrieved from the conversations.

Finally, a Salesforce Knowledge module has been set up in the form of a knowledge database. This module provides employees with the correct information for each process and lender in order to aid the employee in answering the questions as accurately as possible.

For the campaign around interest-only mortgages, a number of solutions were devised that ensured a scalable campaign design, which was fully functional within a few weeks.

A solution has been created using the Campaigns and Cases modules. In addition, the Salesforce Flow module has been used to make the process to approach consumers smooth, clear, intuitive and easily reportable. Furthermore, Salesforce allows for the automatic distribution of letters in this process, saving a lot of time and effort.