How CarNext became fully independent using Salesforce.

CarNext is on a mission to change the way consumers buy a used car in Europe.
The CarNext marketplace operates across Europe and offers customers a fun, easy, transparent and trustworthy way to buy a used car. The CarNext car buying journey is fully online and boasts extra services such as, home delivery, financing options and other ancillary services, integrated within the marketplace. CarNext also operates a B2B online auction platform for professional buyers, as well as a range of remarketing services for our growing network of trusted third parties.

The results.

In a period spanning over a year, the joint efforts of CarNext and Brite resulted in:

  • A unified way of working across countries, while respecting local regulations and business critical needs;
  • A much more easy and compliant customer due diligence process costing less effort, providing more insights and speeding up handling times;
  • A smooth and automated onboarding process for traders starting from the website;
  • Removal of many manual actions, such as the validation in the auction review process or the communication in the case / claim handling process;
  • LeasePlan and CarNext are now working as two separate entities, with clear guidelines and rules on how they continue to work together, what data is shared and what is specific to each company.


The challenge.

In order to reach the ultimate objective of becoming a fully independent and effectively run company, the CarNext B2B organization had to address a number of challenges:

  • Carve-out the B2B Trader relationship management processes from the LeasePlan organization and migrate to their own Salesforce environment;
  • Address the very different ways of working across different CarNext operating countries (e.g. lead and account mgt, Trader onboarding and Case handling);
  • Address business process inefficiencies that lead to poor customer experience;
  • Address the manual steps within business processes that caused too much human error and data quality issues.

The solution.

In order to address the challenges that CarNext was facing, we took a multi-step approach. First, we analyzed the existing LeasePlan org, selected and isolated the functionality that had to be migrated and moved this functionality and related configuration over to the new org. During this process, we jointly identified quick-wins within the process that already significantly improved the way of working for end users.

Second, we got to work on process standardization and simplification across the different CarNext countries. In addition, a new setup for user permissions was defined. The result of these exercises was implemented in Salesforce and all countries were trained on the new way of working. We also embedded the new CarNext Salesforce environment into the wider CarNext landscape through integrating applications. This removed many unnecessary manual steps in the process and increased data quality.

Finally, the ‘know your customer’ was a key compliancy need that enabled CarNext to always check against external data (CreditSafe) who they were doing business with. The system would automatically validate the data and compliancy users are able to manually check and override the automated data validation if required.